Assange - Final Appeal

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by Craig Murray:

Assange Final Appeal

The Extrajudicial Killing of Julian Assange


A huge campaign continues to be mounted for Trump to pardon Assange (1)

It will not happen. It will not happen despite the apparent willingness of Trump to do so (2). It will not happen because the personal cost for Trump would be more than he would be willing to take on (3).  It may well be that Trump did indeed intend to do this and that may be the reason for the incredible campaign currently waged against him - the impeachment process and the ability to incarcerate on this, and, in Trump’s case, on many other grounds.

It will not happen because if it were to take place the US would not be able to pursue legal action against Assange in any jurisdiction, anywhere in the world. It will not happen because Assange and Wikileaks would be free to continue their work. (4)

UK Court Decision to deny US Extradition of Julian Assange

Much hope was raised by this generally unexpected decision on 4 January 2021.While initial relief was felt by millions around the world for the personal situation of Julian Assange, there was also immediate recognition throughout the world of the Trojan nature of the overall judgment in its use of the law to criminalise investigative journalism and the right of the public to hold governments and corporations accountable. (5)

Julian was discharged by the Court on 4 January 2021, yet two days later bail was refused by the same Court on the grounds that the US had lodged an appeal against the verdict. A defence appeal against this denial of bail is to be heard by the High Court yet there is still no given date for this. (6)


1  See e.g. stellamoris#pardonassange, Tucker Carlson interview with S M, and much else, eg Republican appeal for Triump to pardon.

2  See Carlson’s repeated assertions, together with many others, that this is so. consider also that this would work very well for Trump personally - it would exponentially increase his support base and include many “left wing” members of the public. It would greatly weaken the Democrat credibility. It would add to his legacy and perhaps retrieve it, alter the character of the narrative..

3  The US establishment would punish him for life, almost certainly he would face very harsh and cruel imprisonment

4  It will not happen because Assange and Wikileaks, together with journalists and society as a whole, would be freed to safely carry out investigative journalism.

5  See Glenn Greenwald, Repoters without borders, and many other organisatioins and public figures.

6  The UK process for hearing denial of Bail appeals through the High Court is much quicker than that for Extradition. The Court which denied extradition based this verdict on an acceptance of the medical opinions related to Assange’s deteriorating health. Bail should not have been denied and the High court Hearing should not be delayed.



A Reconsideration of the US Agenda

In the light of these recent events, a further consideration of the US agenda in relation to Assange indicates that achieving his extradition to the US is no longer (and perhaps never has been) the intention of the US.

As with the extrajudicial drone killings, the campaign waged against Assange has been in defiance of the rule of law, in his case amounting to”death by a thousand cuts” (7). This approach has been the policy throughout the two Obama administrations and continues to be so as the recent abuse of the law in the UK has amply demonstrated. This is the machiavellian program being carried out before our eyes.

This is the program which is intended to silence all future dissent , be it from whistleblowers, journalists, professional organisations or the public at large. This is a fate worse than death. As Nils Melzer has said, the purpose of torture is not to extract information but rather to set an example in order to deter dissent.

And yet it has not silenced us. There is immense and growing awareness and opposition, both to Julian’s own circumstances and to the threat to civil society.The public recognition of the rogue nature of our ruling establishments will grow and democracy will be achieved. The High court in due course will almost certainly rule for Julian. Sooner rather than later if there is enough public outcry.

Please remember we all make a difference. Please discuss and share this small article. Please do not stand on the sidelines, rather remember that we all have greatness within us and act on that.



7  See Nils Melzer, Lissa Johnson, and many many others



Consortium News - "Not In Our Name" - Film by John Furse

Craig Murray's court reports

British former diplomat turned political activist and human rights campaigner, Craig Murray's accounts of proceedings at Julian Assanges' Extradition hearings held at Woolwich Crown Court

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Journalist, Mark Davis, speaks about being with Julian Assange and people from The Guardian, The New York Times, etc. prior to the publication of the war logs.

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Nils Melzer is the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

This link below is to an excellent interview with Nils Melzer by Danie Ryser (Republik, January 31, 2020):

Nils Melzer - Democracy Now! report

"United Nations special rapporteur on torture is warning that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is suffering from the effects of “psychological torture” due to his ongoing detention and threats of possible extradition to the United States."

- Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

May 31, 2019


A petition to save Julian Assange and our democratic rights  started by Philip Adams to get justice for Julian Assange:


Lead Light - Collateral Murder 

Excepts from the 'collateral murder' video with it's original sound plus the voices of JFK and Julian Assange added to my track, 'Lead Light', as the soundtrack.

A Video created by Naila with some of  my music, to which I'd added voices of speakers from the "Unity4J" online vigils and audio of the Baghdad "Collateral Murder" video.  Naila ('@Naila')  and myself ('@dischordantPete') collaborating via the Discord app as part of the global movement fighting for justice and freedom for Julian Assange.